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Povray 3.1 Texture Editor

Povray is a fantastic ray tracing package, but the material models in Povray can be incredibly complex and difficult to understand. The client in this case was very unhappy that several creative professionals (3D artists) on staff were spending way too much time thinking about mathematical equations in an attempt to understand material and texture in Povray. The client wanted a GUI that covered EVERY aspect of the mathematical models that govern Povray material models so that the artists could "explore" the models with slider bars and clicks.

The result was the most complete texture editors ever created for Povray 3.1 at the time. It features controls for EVERY interface component supported by Povray 3.1. It knows about EVERY identifier in the standard Povray 3.1 include files, and allows one to add more! It is more accurate than most editors because it actually uses Povray 3.1 to render preview images. This program runs on Windows 9x/NT and UNIX. It is written in PerlTk.

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Agate turbulence parameters at work
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