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\newcommand{\eSecBox}{\end{alltt}\end{minipage}\\ \rule{0pt}{1pt}\hrule}






\fbox{{\parbox[b]{2.5in}{\huge \bf G\normalsize NU\huge D\normalsize E\huge B\normalsize UGGER \\ \tiny \copyright 1998-2016 Mitch Richling \url{https://www.mitchr.me}  \\ Last Updated 2016-07-09}}}

\sSecBox{Getting Started}
\blt On the command line: gdb [\ttit{options}] [\ttit{prog} [\ttit{core} | \ttit{PID}]]
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -s \ttit{symfile} }\srb{2in}{The symbol file to use    }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -e \ttit{prog}    }\srb{2in}{The program to debug    }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -c \ttit{core}    }\srb{2in}{The core file to use        }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -cd=working_dir   }\srb{2in}{The working diretory for gdb    }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -tty=dev          }\srb{2in}{TTY for I/O of debugged program }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -command=file     }\srb{2in}{Run gdb commands in file        }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -n                }\srb{2in}{Don't run .gdbinit              }
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt -q                }\srb{2in}{Quiet mode                      }
\blt After startup:
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt \ud{at}tach \ttit{PID}      }\srb{2in}{  connect to another process}
\bsp \srb{70pt}{\blt \ud{det}ach                 }\srb{2in}{  release target from GDB control}

\sSecBox{Stopping GDB}
\srb{30pt}{\blt \ud{q}uit   }\srb{2in}{Exit GDB (C-d works too)}
\srb{30pt}{\blt C-c         }\srb{2in}{Terminate current command, or send to running process}

\sSecBox{Working Files}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{fil}e [\ttit{file}]          }\srb{2in}{use \ttit{file} for both symbols and executable}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{cor}e-file [\ttit{file}]     }\srb{2in}{read \ttit{file} as coredump}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{ex}ec-file [\ttit{file}]     }\srb{2in}{use \ttit{file} as executable only}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{symb}ol-file [\ttit{file}]   }\srb{2in}{use symbol table from \ttit{file}}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{fi}les             }\srb{2in}{display working files and targets in use}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{pat}h \ttit{dirs}            }\srb{2in}{push \ttit{dirs} onto executable and symbol search path}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{sho}w \ud{pat}h              }\srb{2in}{display executable and symbol file path}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{sh}aredlibrary     }\srb{2in}{list names of shared libraries currently loaded}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{dir}ectory [\ttit{names}]    }\srb{2in}{push \ttit{names} onto source path, or clear it}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{sho}w \ud{di}rectories       }\srb{2in}{show current source path}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{source}            }\srb{2in}{show name of current source file}
\srb{65pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{sources}           }\srb{2in}{list all source files in use}

\sSecBox{Listing Source \& Code}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{li}st [\ttit{bp-spec}]                           }\srb{2in}{display source surrounding \ttit{bp-spec}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{li}st                                            }\srb{2in}{show current/next lines of source}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{li}st < + | - >                                  }\srb{2in}{show lines after / before}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{li}st \ttit{f},\ttit{t}                          }\srb{2in}{from line \ttit{f} to line \ttit{t}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{li}ne [\ttit{bp-spec}]                 }\srb{2in}{show addresses for compiled code for source line \\ Sets default address for x/i. }
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{fo}rward-search \ttit{regex}\\\bsp \ud{sea}rch   }\srb{2in}{search following source lines for \ttit{regex}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{rev}erse-search \ttit{regex}                     }\srb{2in}{search preceding source lines for \ttit{regex}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{disas}semble [[\ttit{addr1}] \\\bsp\bsp[\ttit{addr2}]]     }\srb{2in}{display memory as machine instructions \\ Function arround PC, function arround \\ \ttit{addr1}, or between \ttit{addr1} and \ttit{addr2}}

\sSecBox{Executing Program}
\srb{1.3in}{\blt run [\ttit{args}] [<\ttit{inf}] [>\ttit{outf}]   }\srb{60pt}{Run it}
\srb{1.3in}{\blt kill                                             }\srb{60pt}{kill it}
\blt Before 'run', some things can be set:
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt \ud{tt}y \ttit{dev}              }\srb{2in}{use \ttit{dev} as stdin and stdout}
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt set args [\ttit{arglist}]        }\srb{2in}{Set/Clear arg list}
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt \ud{sho}w args                   }\srb{2in}{Display argument list}
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt set env \ttit{var} \ttit{string} }\srb{2in}{Set environment variable \ttit{var}}
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt \ud{uns}et env \ttit{var}        }\srb{2in}{Remove \ttit{var} from environment}
\bsp \srb{1in}{\blt \ud{sho}w env [\ttit{var}]       }\srb{2in}{Show value of one, or all, environment var(s)}

\sSecBox{Execution Control}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{c}ontinue [\ttit{count}]             }\srb{2in}{continue running past breakpoint}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{adv}ance \ttit{bp-spec}              }\srb{2in}{run upt to \ttit{bp-spec}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{s}tep [\ttit{count}]                 }\srb{2in}{execute until another line reached}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{s}tep\ud{i} [\ttit{count}]           }\srb{2in}{step by machine instructions}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{n}ext [\ttit{count}]                 }\srb{2in}{execute next line, including any functions}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{n}ext\ud{i} [\ttit{count}]           }\srb{2in}{next machine instruction}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{unt}il [\ttit{bp-spec}]              }\srb{2in}{run till src line after current or \ttit{bp-spec}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{fin}ish                              }\srb{2in}{run until selected stack frame returns}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{ret}urn [\ttit{expr}]                }\srb{2in}{pop stack frame with function return \ttit{expr}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{sig}nal \ttit{num}                   }\srb{2in}{resume execution with signal \ttit{num}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{thr}ead \ttit{thrd}                  }\srb{2in}{switch to thread number \ttit{thrd}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{thr}ead apply \ttit{thrd} \ttit{cmd} }\srb{2in}{apply \ttit{cmd} to \ttit{thrd} ('all' for all threads)}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{j}ump \ttit{line}           }\srb{2in}{resume execution at specified \ttit{line} number}
\srb{78pt}{\blt \ud{j}ump *\ttit{address}       }\srb{2in}{resume execution at specified \ttit{address}}
\srb{78pt}{\blt set var=\ttit{expr}             }\srb{2in}{Set \ttit{var} by evaluating \ttit{expr}}

\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo signals                    }\srb{2in}{show table of signals \& GDB actions}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{ha}ndle \ttit{signal} \ttit{act} }\srb{2in}{Set signal actions for \ttit{signal}. \ttit{act} may be:}
\bsp \srb{38pt}{\blt [no]print  }\srb{2in}{Announce (or not) signal}
\bsp \srb{38pt}{\blt [no]stop   }\srb{2in}{Stop (or not) program execution}
\bsp \srb{38pt}{\blt [no]pass   }\srb{2in}{Pass (or not) signal to program}

\sSecBox{Program Stack}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{b}ack\ud{t}race [\ttit{n}]     }\srb{2in}{print trace of all frames in stack \\  innermost \ttit{n} frames if \ttit{n}>0 \& outermost if \ttit{n}<0}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{fr}ame [\ttit{n}]              }\srb{2in}{select frame number \ttit{n} current frame}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{up} \ttit{n}                   }\srb{2in}{select frame \ttit{n} frames up}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{dow}n \ttit{n}                 }\srb{2in}{select frame \ttit{n} frames down}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{fr}ame [\ttit{addr}] }\srb{2in}{describe selected frame, or frame at \ttit{addr}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{ar}gs                }\srb{2in}{arguments of selected frame}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{lo}cals              }\srb{2in}{local variables of selected frame}

\sSecBox{Breakpoints and Watchpoints}
\srb{2in}{\blt \ud{b}reak [\ttit{bp-spec}] [thread \ttit{thrd}]                 }\srb{2in}{set breakpoint. if no \ttit{bp-spec} \\ then set at next instruction}
\srb{2in}{\blt \ud{b}reak \ttit{bp-spec} [thread \ttit{thrd}] if \ttit{expr}    }\srb{2in}{break only when \ttit{expr}!=0}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ttit{bp-spec} may be one of:  }\srb{2in}{}
\srb{47pt}{\bsp\blt [\ttit{file\tt:}]\ttit{line} }\srb{40pt}{\ttit{line}-number}\srb{42pt}{\blt [\ttit{file\tt:}]\ttit{func} }\srb{50pt}{\ttit{func}tion}
\srb{47pt}{\bsp\blt *\ttit{addr}                 }\srb{40pt}{\ttit{addr}ess    }\srb{42pt}{\blt \(\pm\)\ttit{offset}         }\srb{45pt}{\(\pm\)\ttit{offset} lines from stop}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{tb}reak \ldots                      }\srb{2in}{Same as break, but disable when reached (temporary)}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{rb}reak \ttit{regex}                }\srb{2in}{break on all functions matching \ttit{regex}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{wa}tch \ttit{expr}                  }\srb{2in}{set a watchpoint for expression \ttit{expr}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{cond}ition \ttit{n} [\ttit{expr}]   }\srb{2in}{new conditional expression on breakpoint \ttit{n} \\ make unconditional if no \ttit{expr}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{b}reakpoints              }\srb{2in}{show defined breakpoints}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{wat}chpoints              }\srb{2in}{show defined watchpoints}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{cl}ear                              }\srb{2in}{delete breakpoints at next instruction}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{cl}ear [\ttit{file\tt:}]\ttit{fun}  }\srb{2in}{delete breakpoints at entry to \ttit{fun}()}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{cl}ear [\ttit{file\tt:}]\ttit{line} }\srb{2in}{delete breakpoints on source line}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{del}ete [\ttit{n}]                  }\srb{2in}{delete breakpoints}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{disable} [\ttit{n}]                 }\srb{2in}{disable breakpoints}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{ena}ble [\ttit{n}]                  }\srb{2in}{enable breakpoints}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{ena}ble once [\ttit{n}]             }\srb{2in}{enable breakpoints; disable again when reached}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{ena}ble del [\ttit{n}]              }\srb{2in}{enable breakpoints; delete when reached}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{ig}nore \ttit{n} \ttit{count}       }\srb{2in}{ignore breakpoint \ttit{n}, \ttit{count} times}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{comm}ands \ttit{n} [\ttit{silent}] \\ \bsp\bsp\ttit{command-list}   }\srb{2in}{execute GDB \ttit{command-list} every time \\ breakpoint \ttit{n} is reached.}
\srb{1in}{\blt end                                     }\srb{2in}{end of \ttit{command-list}}

\srb{60pt}{\blt \ttit{expr}                    }\srb{2in}{an expression in C, C++ (including function calls)}
\srb{60pt}{\blt *\ttit{addr}@\ttit{len}        }\srb{2in}{an array of \ttit{len} elements beginning at \ttit{addr}}
\srb{60pt}{\blt [\ttit{file}::]\ttit{name}     }\srb{2in}{a variable or function \ttit{name}}
\srb{60pt}{\blt \{\ttit{type}\}\ttit{addr}     }\srb{2in}{read memory at \ttit{addr} as specified \ttit{type}}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $                              }\srb{2in}{most recently displayed value}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $\ttit{n}                      }\srb{2in}{\ttit{n}th displayed value}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $$                             }\srb{2in}{displayed value previous to $}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $$\ttit{n}                     }\srb{2in}{\ttit{n}th displayed value back from $}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $_                             }\srb{2in}{last address examined with \ttit{x}}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $__                            }\srb{2in}{value at address $_}
\srb{60pt}{\blt set $\ttit{var} = \ttit{expr}  }\srb{2in}{Assign a value to a convenience variable}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $\ttit{var}++                  }\srb{2in}{Increment a convenience variable}                                               
\srb{60pt}{\blt \ud{sho}w values \ttit{n}      }\srb{2in}{show last 10 values or surrounding $\ttit{n}}
\srb{60pt}{\blt \ud{sho}w conv                 }\srb{2in}{display all convenience variables}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $_exitcode                     }\srb{2in}{Exit status of the program}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $bpnum                         }\srb{2in}{Most recently set breakpoint}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $cdir                          }\srb{2in}{Compilation dir for current source file}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $cwd                           }\srb{2in}{Current working directory}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $fp                            }\srb{2in}{Frame pointer register}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $pc                            }\srb{2in}{Program counter register}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $ps                            }\srb{2in}{Processor status register}
\srb{60pt}{\blt $sp                            }\srb{2in}{Stack pointer register}
\srb{60pt}{\blt \ud{wha}tis \ttit{expr}        }\srb{2in}{Data type of \ttit{expr}}

\sSecBox{Symbol Table}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo address \ttit{s}                }\srb{2in}{show where symbol \ttit{s} is stored}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo symbol \ttit{addr}              }\srb{2in}{show what symbol is at \ttit{addr}}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{func}tions [\ttit{regex}]   }\srb{2in}{show names, types of functions}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{var}iables [\ttit{regex}]   }\srb{2in}{show names, types of global variables}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo types [\ttit{regex}]            }\srb{2in}{show type names}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{wha}tis [\ttit{expr}]                 }\srb{2in}{show data type of \ttit{expr}}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{pt}ype [\ttit{expr}]                  }\srb{2in}{like whatis, but more info.}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{pt}ype \ttit{type}                    }\srb{2in}{describe type, struct, union, or enum}
\textsc{NOTE: } See ``Program Stack'' for info on local variables

\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{disp}lay [/f] \ttit{expr}                    }\srb{2in}{print \ttit{expr} each time program stops}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{disp}lay                                     }\srb{2in}{display all enabled expressions on list}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{und}isplay \ttit{n}                          }\srb{2in}{remove number specified display elements}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{del}ete \ud{disp}lay \ttit{n}                }\srb{2in}{remove number specified display elements}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{dis}able \ud{d}isplay \ttit{n}               }\srb{2in}{disable display for expression(s) number \ttit{n}}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{en}able \ud{di}splay \ttit{n}                }\srb{2in}{enable display for expression(s) number \ttit{n}}
\srb{77pt}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{di}splay                           }\srb{2in}{numbered list of display expressions}

\srb{73pt}{\blt \ud{ins}pect [/\ttit{f}] [\ttit{expr}] }\srb{2in}{Same as \ud{p}rint}
\srb{73pt}{\blt \ud{p}rint [/\ttit{f}] [\ttit{expr}]   }\srb{2in}{Show value of \ttit{expr}}
\bsp The format specifyer, /\ttit{f}, can be:
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt x   }\srb{65pt}{hexadecimal     }\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt t   }\srb{2in}{binary        }
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt d   }\srb{65pt}{signed decimal  }\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt c   }\srb{2in}{character     }
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt u   }\srb{65pt}{unsigned decimal}\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt f   }\srb{2in}{floating point}
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt o   }\srb{65pt}{octal           }\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt s   }\srb{2in}{string        }
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt a   }\srb{2in}{address (abs or relative)}
\srb{60pt}{\blt \ud{x} [/\ttit{Nuf}] \ttit{expr}    }\srb{2in}{examine memory at address \ttit{expr}}
\bsp \ttit{N} is count of how many units to dispay
\bsp \ttit{u} is the unit and may be one of:
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt b   }\srb{65pt}{bytes           }\bsp \srb{10pt}{\blt h  }\srb{65pt}{half words  (2 bytes) }
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt w   }\srb{65pt}{words (4 bytes) }\bsp \srb{10pt}{\blt g  }\srb{65pt}{giant words (8 bytes) }
\bsp \ttit{f} may be any print format or 
\bsp  \srb{10pt}{\blt s  }\srb{65pt}{null-terminated string }\bsp \srb{10pt}{\blt i }\srb{65pt}{machine instructions}
\srb{97pt}{\blt \ud{printf} "\ttit{fmt_str}" [,\ttit{expr}...]   }\srb{2in}{Print using printf format string}

\sSecBox{Running Program Info}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{pi}d            }\srb{2in}{Process ID of the program}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{pr}ogram        }\srb{2in}{Execution status of the program}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{al}l-registers  }\srb{2in}{List of all registers and their contents}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{f}loat          }\srb{2in}{Print the status of the floating point unit}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{r}egisters      }\srb{2in}{List of integer registers and their contents}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{i}nfo \ud{ve}ctor         }\srb{2in}{Print the status of the vector unit}

\sSecBox{Online Help}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{apr}opos \ttit{string}    }\srb{2in}{Search the online help for \ttit{string}}
\srb{1in}{\blt \ud{h}elp \ttit{string}       }\srb{2in}{Get help for \ttit{string}.}

\sSecBox{GDB 2 DBX}
\srb{1in}{GDB                                      }\srb{2in}{DBX}
\srb{1in}{break \ttit{line}|\ttit{fnc}|*\ttit{adr} }\srb{2in}{stop at \ttit{line} | \ttit{func} |\ttit{addr}}
\srb{1in}{break ... if \ttit{expr}                 }\srb{2in}{stop ... -if \ttit{expr}}
\srb{1in}{cond \ttit{n}                            }\srb{2in}{stop ... -if \ttit{expr}}
\srb{1in}{tbreak                                   }\srb{2in}{stop ... -temp}
\srb{1in}{watch \ttit{expr}                        }\srb{2in}{stop \ttit{expr} [slow]}
\srb{1in}{watch \ttit{var}                         }\srb{2in}{stop modify \&\ttit{var} [fast]}
\srb{1in}{catch \ttit{x}                           }\srb{2in}{intercept \ttit{x}}
\srb{1in}{info watch                               }\srb{2in}{status}
\srb{1in}{info break                               }\srb{2in}{status}
\srb{1in}{clear [\ttit{fun}]                       }\srb{2in}{delete [\ttit{n}]}
\srb{1in}{delete                                   }\srb{2in}{delete all}
\srb{1in}{disable                                  }\srb{2in}{handler -disable all}
\srb{1in}{disable \ttit{n}                         }\srb{2in}{handler -disable \ttit{n}}
\srb{1in}{enable                                   }\srb{2in}{handler -enable all}
\srb{1in}{enable \ttit{n}                          }\srb{2in}{handler -enable \ttit{n}}
\srb{1in}{ignore \ttit{n} \ttit{cnt}               }\srb{2in}{handler -count \ttit{n}  \ttit{cnt}}
\srb{1in}{\ud{b}ack\ud{t}race \ttit{n}             }\srb{2in}{where \ttit{n}}
\srb{1in}{frame \ttit{n}                           }\srb{2in}{frame \ttit{n}}
\srb{1in}{info reg \ttit{reg}                      }\srb{2in}{print \$\ttit{reg}}
\srb{1in}{finish                                   }\srb{2in}{step up}
\srb{1in}{signal \ttit{num}                        }\srb{2in}{cont sig \ttit{num}}
\srb{1in}{jump \ttit{line}                         }\srb{2in}{cont at \ttit{line}}
\srb{1in}{set \ttit{var}=\ttit{expr}               }\srb{2in}{assign \ttit{var}=\ttit{expr}}
\srb{1in}{x/<fmt> \ttit{addr}                      }\srb{2in}{x \ttit{addr}/\ttit{fmt}}
\srb{1in}{disassem \ttit{addr}                     }\srb{2in}{dis \ttit{addr}}
\srb{1in}{info func \ttit{regex}                   }\srb{2in}{funcs \ttit{regexp}}
\srb{1in}{ptype \ttit{type}                        }\srb{2in}{whatis -t \ttit{type}}
\srb{1in}{define \ttit{cmd}                        }\srb{2in}{function \ttit{cmd}}
\srb{1in}{handle \ttit{sig}                        }\srb{2in}{stop sig \ttit{sig}}
\srb{1in}{info signals                             }\srb{2in}{status; catch}
\srb{1in}{attach \ttit{pid}                        }\srb{2in}{debug - \ttit{pid}}
\srb{1in}{core \ttit{file}                         }\srb{2in}{debug \ttit{a.out} \ttit{file}}
\srb{1in}{dir \ttit{name}                          }\srb{2in}{pathmap  \ttit{name}}
\srb{1in}{info \ud{li}ne \ttit{n}                  }\srb{2in}{listi \ttit{n}}
\srb{1in}{info source                              }\srb{2in}{file}
\srb{1in}{forw/rev \ttit{regex}                    }\srb{2in}{search/bsearch \ttit{regex}}


\sSecBox{GDB Parameters}
\blt set \ttit{param} \ttit{value}
\blt \ud{sho}w\ttit{param}
\blt Possible parameters (default listed first for on|off-type parameters):
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{com}plaint \ttit{limit}                }\srb{2in}{number of messages on unusual symbols}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{con}firm \ttit{on|off}                 }\srb{2in}{enable or disable cautionary queries}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{he}ight \ttit{lpp}                     }\srb{2in}{number of lines before pause in display}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{li}stsize \ttit{n}                     }\srb{2in}{number of lines shown by {\tt list}}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{prompt \ttit{str}                          }\srb{2in}{use \ttit{str} as GDB prompt}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{ra}dix \ttit{base}                     }\srb{2in}{octal, decimal, or hex number representation}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{ve}rbose \ttit{on|off}                 }\srb{2in}{control messages when loading symbols}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{wi}dth \ttit{cpl}                      }\srb{2in}{number of characters before line folded}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{ad}dress \ttit{on|off}      }\srb{2in}{print memory addresses in stacks, values}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{ar}ray \ttit{off|on}        }\srb{2in}{compact or attractive format for arrays}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{d}emangl \ttit{on|off}      }\srb{2in}{C++ syms in source (demangled) or internal form}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{asm}-demangle \ttit{on|off} }\srb{2in}{demangle C++ symbols in machine-instruction output}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{el}ements \ttit{limit}      }\srb{2in}{number of array elements to display}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{o}bject \ttit{on|off}       }\srb{2in}{print C++ derived types for objects}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{pr}etty \ttit{off|on}       }\srb{2in}{struct display: compact or indented}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{u}nion \ttit{on|off}        }\srb{2in}{display of union members}
\bsp \srb{80pt}{\ud{p}rint \ud{v}tbl \ttit{off|on}         }\srb{2in}{display of C++ virtual function tables}

\sSecBox{Extending \& Customizing}
\blt Controlled output commands
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt echo \ttit{text}                          }\srb{2in}{Print the given text. \\  C-style escape sequences are supported.}  
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt output \ttit{expression}                  }\srb{2in}{Print the given expression.}  
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt output/\ttit{fmt} \ttit{expression}       }\srb{2in}{Print the given expression using \\ the given print format.}  
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt printf \ttit{string} \ttit{expressions}   }\srb{2in}{Print the given expressions using \\ the given printf format string.}  
\srb{95pt}{\blt define \ttit{cmdName} \ldots end               }\srb{2in}{Define a new command. Arguments are \\ accessed through $arg0 \ldots $arg9.}  
\srb{95pt}{\bsp\blt If \ttit{cmdName} is ``hook-foo'' where ``foo'' is a GDB built-in command, \\\bsp\bsp then the command will be executed just before ``foo''.}
\srb{95pt}{\bsp\blt If \ttit{cmdName} is ``hookpost-foo'' where ``foo'' is a GDB built-in command, \\\bsp\bsp then the command will be executed just after ``foo''.}
\srb{95pt}{\bsp\blt If \ttit{cmdName} is ``stop-foo'', then run command at program stops.}
\blt Control structures allowed in user defined commands:
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt if \ttit{expr} \ldots [else \ldots] end  }\srb{2in}{Executes statements only if the \\ expression is true.  Otherwise executes \\ the else clause if it exists.}  
\srb{95pt}{\bsp \blt while \ttit{expression} \ldots end                }\srb{2in}{Executes body while expression is true}  
\srb{95pt}{\blt document \ttit{cmdName} \ldots end                  }\srb{2in}{Document user defined command and make \\ documentation available from online help. \\ The command must already be defined.}  
\srb{95pt}{\blt source \ttit{filename}                      }\srb{2in}{read and execute commands found in file}
\blt Startup sequence:  
\bsp \blt Read ~/.gdbinit
\bsp \blt Process command line arguments,
\bsp \blt Read init file in working directory
\bsp \blt Read command files given in -x arguments

\sSecBox{C++ Stuff}
\blt Most containers (and strings)
\bsp \blt p aContainer.empty()
\bsp \blt p aContainer.size()
\blt Printing Container Contents
\bsp \blt C++ Strings: p aString.c_str()
\bsp \blt GCC Vectors (GCC): p (*aVector._M_impl._M_start)@(aVector.size())