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Reference Cards

Over the years I have acquired the habit of keeping notes regarding various software tools in the form of one page cheat sheets -- I print them, place them in sheet protectors, and hang them on my office wall from a ring. As these cards represent my personal notes they are completely customized to help me remember the things that I forget. I have included the source code and all media required to generate these PDFs so that you can customize them to meet your needs. Do with them as you will. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information the cards carry; however, if you find a bug let me know.

Software Reference Cards (all PDF)

GNU Emacs (Source: LaTeX)
This card has all the stuff that I forget about GNU Emacs.
GDB (Source: LaTeX)
This card has most of the stuff on the standard card that ships with GDB, along with a GDB to DBX reference. Much of the stuff on this card is cut directly from the GDB 5.4 documentation. Not much has changed in 6.0, but I plan to update someday.
C++ STL (Source: LaTeXPDF1, & PDF2)
This card is still a work in progress, but it is useful even at this stage (first page is mostly complete, but the second page is little more than a list of stuff). It needs updated for C++11.
LaTeX (Source: LaTeX)
This card has a ton of LaTeX info including a page layout diagram and many math symbols.
Common Lisp (Source: LaTeX)
This is one of the most comprehensive cards I have. It covers a good part of ANSI standard Lisp.
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