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Example Postscript Programs

Postscript is more than an just a vector image file format, it is a programming language. As a programming language, it may be exploited to great advantage for mathematical illustrations as has been so well documented in Bill Casselman's book. On this page are a few basic examples to get you started.

Computational Postscript and Nonlinear Dynamics

Computes a projection of Lorenz's famous strange attractor!
Computes a projection of Lorenz's famous strange attractor in COLOR!
Computes an image of the Mandelbrot set. Note that this one can take a while to run on slower printers, and may look funny in ghostview.

Watermarks for LaTeX documents

I like to include a watermark on my draft documents that identify them as drafts. Here is a nice way to create such watermarks that always scale with no artifacts and require only a very tiny quantity of code to implement. I include them in my documents via the \AddToShipoutPicture{ command.

A single large "DRAFT" is spread across the entire page diagonally in red.
Tiny copies of the word "DRAFT" are spread across the entire page in red.
A combination of the previous two --- i.e. one big "DRAFT" and many little ones in red.
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