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Example Code

This collection of examples began it's life as a resource for my students -- "UNIX System Programming", "Numerical Analysis", "Mathematical Modeling", etc... Over the years I have tried to keep this collection updated and fresh. It is my sincere hope that the examples below are still useful for beginners as well as a reference for more seasoned programmers. At any rate I hope you find this stuff useful, but remember that they are just examples and not suitable for cut-n-paste into production code (or homework). Use them at your own risk. Have fun!

UNIX Programming
This is the most popular, and largest, group of examples I have.
A few R examples. Mostly some 'how to' advice from a few Q&A seminars I gave in 2015.
C++ and STL (one of the coolest things ever to make it into a programming language standard)
Fortran 77
Several little examples of various language constructs from Fortran 77.
Modern Fortran
Examples of some of the nice stuff in modern (90, 95, 2003, & 2008) Fortran versions.
Simple examples of basic FLTK and FLTK's GLUT support.
A collection of simple examples to help GLUT and OpenGL beginners.
UNIX Database
Simple examples illustrating GLUT, NDBM, and Berkeley DB.
A couple of simple examples illustrating FITS I/O
Simple examples of the most important MPI API functions.
Examples of Level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS functions and a couple of LAPACK functions.
Examples demonstrating basic HDF5 use
Examples demonstrating basic NetCDF use
Random Numbers
A collection of examples illustrating various common random number generators and applications
A few simple examples illustrating the GNU GMP library.
Examples illustrating some basic postscript
Examples illustrating some of the basic functionality of the OpenSSL library.
Some programs I wrote while learning the Ruby language.
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