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FLTK Example Programs

Here you will find just a few simple FLTK programs intended to get the FLTK beginner off the ground with the first couple of programs. The hardest part about FLTK is getting the first program to build! The library itself is one of the simplest toolkits available today -- a working GUI in just a few lines of code. FLTK has a very nice GLUT layer to give GLUT programmers a bit more functionality than they have with GLUT and base OpenGL. A layout manager is coming in FLTK 2.0... The makefile is here.

The basics & Types

A minimal FLTK example (just a few lines of code). FLTK has very low setup overhead.
Simple button example using pure procedural code.
Simple button example the "OO way".
How to use the main window callback to cleanup before application exit.


Simple GLUT program turned into an FLTK program.
The power of GLUT with the ease of FLTK user input management.


Simple fluid example (The makefile will generate the source, simpleFluid.cpp, simpleFluid.h, and compile)
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