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Mitch's Annotated Bibliography

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I believe that one of the most valuable things any book can have is an annotated bibliography! For this reason I maintain an annotation database for many of the books I own. I keep only the special works that deserve to take up precious shelf space in my home. Even with this high level of selectivity, this bibliography only contains information for a fraction of the books on my shelves. Just the best of the best are listed here -- the truly special books.

I originally wrote my bibliography software with the intent of making it easy to add useful bibliographic information to LaTeX documents; however, today it also generates this collection of static HTML pages. I can only guess how many Amazon searches this set of pages has saved me over the years when recommending a book to a colleague.

The software, the full database, a LaTeX bibliographic input file, and PDF of the full database are all available for download at the links above. The software has recently been rewritten in while I was learning Ruby -- the code will probably make Ruby pros cringe. Even so, it now has many more features and is much more maintainable.

Acronyms: BIC (Best In Class), and RR (Required Reading).

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