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STL Tutorial and Reference Guide:
  C++ Programming with the Standard Template Library

David R. Musser, Gillmer J. Derge, Atul Saini
Pub Date:
very highly recommended + BIC(78)
Related Keywords:
c++(7) cs(61) lang(13) programming(29) stl(3)
If I only had one book on the STL, this would be the one. It is well organized, complete, and has lots of examples (with code on the web).
Full Review:
The introductory, tutorial, material is better organized than any other STL work I have reviewed to date. The material is presented in an order that allows the material to build logically upon itself. This is a significant accomplishment for a topic as cross linked as the STL. Each topic is accompanied by a COMPLETE, working program. The middle section of the book consists a series of complete programs illustrating how to bring together the various topics discussed in the fist third of the book. This section is valuable for the beginner. The last section of the book consists of reference material. This section of the work is very well organized, easy to search, clearly written, and complete. As with the tutorial material, key points are illustrated with complete, working programs. All of the programs from the book, as well as variations of the programs in the book, are available online.
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