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A Brief Introduction to Numerical AnalysisEugene E. TyrtyshnikovVHR+BIC
Accuracy and stability of numerical algorithmsNicholas J. HighamVHR+BIC
Applied Numerical Linear AlgebraWilliam W. HagerHR
Applied Optimization:
  Formulation and Algorithms for Engineering Systems
Ross BaldickVHR
Computational Mathematics in Engineering and Applied Science:
  ODEs, DAEs, and PDEs
William E. SchiesserR
Direct methods for sparse linear systemsTimothy A. DavisR
Elementary functions:
  Algorithms and implementation
Jean-Michel MullerVHR+BIC
Fundamentals of Matrix ComputationsDavid S. WatkinsVHR+BIC
Intelligent Optimization Techniques:
  Genetic Algorithms, Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing and Neural Networks
D.T. Pham
D. Karaboga
Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear SystemsYousef SaadVHR+BIC
Matrix AnalysisRoger A. Horn
Charles R. Johnson
Matrix Iterative AnalysisRichard VargaHR
Matrix computationsGene H. Golub
Charles F. Van Loan
Numerical Analysis:
  A Comprehensive Introduction
H.R. SchwarzVHR
Numerical AnalysisRichard L. Burden
J. Douglas Faires
Numerical Linear AlgebraLloyd N. Trefethen
David Bau
Numerical Linear Algebra for High Performance ComputersJack J. Dongarra
Henk A. Vander Vorst
Danny C. Sorensen
Lain S. Duff
Numerical MathematicsAlfio Quarteroni
Riccardo Sacco
Fausto Saleri
Numerical MathematicsAlfio M. Quarteroni
Riccardo Sacco
Fausto Saleri
Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and Nonlinear EquationsDennis J. E.
Robert B. Schnabe
Numerical Recipes in FORTRAN:
  The Art of Scientific Computing
William H. Press
William T. Vettering
Saul A. Teukolsky
Brian P. Flannery
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