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A first course in differential equationsJ. David LoganVHR+BIC
An Introduction to AnalysisJames KirkwoodVHR+BIC
Analysis on ManifoldsJames MunkresVHR+BIC
Analytic Function Theory Vol IEinar HilleVHR
Analytic Function Theory Vol IIEinar HilleVHR
Applied partial differential equationsJ. David LoganVHR+BIC
Complex AnalysisLars Valerian AhlforsVHR+BIC
Complex Variables and ApplicationsRuel Churchill
James Ward Brown
Computational Mathematics in Engineering and Applied Science:
  ODEs, DAEs, and PDEs
William E. SchiesserR
Counterexamples in AnalysisBernard Gelbaum
John Olmstead
Functional AnalysisWalter RudinVHR+BIC
Geometric Approaches to Differential EquationsPeter Vassiliou
Ian Lisle
Handbook of Exact Solutions for Ordinary Differential EquationsAndrei Polyanin
Valentin Zaitsev
Mathematical AnalysisTom ApostolVHR+BIC
Measure TheoryHalmosVHR+RR
Nonlinear ordinary differential equations:
  An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers
D. W. Jordan
P. Smith
Principles of Real AnalysisCharalambos Aliprantis
Owen Burkinshaw
Problems in Real Analysis:
  A Workbook with Solutions
Charalambos Aliprantis
Owen Burkinshaw
Real Analysis:
  Modern Techniques and Their Applications
Gerald FollandVHR+BIC
Real AnalysisH.L. RoydenR
Real And Complex AnalysisWalter RudinVHR
Second Year CalculusDavid BressoundHR
Theory and Application of Infinite SeriesKonrad KnoppHR
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