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R/C Radios

Today I only have two radios (pictured below), both from Futaba. The Futaba T9CAP is a 9 channel, programmable radio that can be configured for any type of aircraft or surface craft. The Futaba 3PK is a three channel, programmable radio that is optimized for cars and trucks. I use both radios for surface craft, and the T9CAP serves extra duty for robots, boats, helicopters, and airplanes.

My radios

One of my favorite features of Futaba radios is that the transmitter hardware is modular, so any radio can be configured to transmit in any band. I have both 72MHz and 75MHz modules for the T9CAP and 75MHz and 27MHz modules for the 3PK. All of my surface craft operate on the same frequency in the 75MHz band, and I can use whichever radio suits the need by just inserting the appropriate module. In addition, I can drive cars with cheap OEM receivers in the 27MHz band with my high end radio! Below are a couple of photos of the module bay on the T9CAP. The 3PK's module bay is at the front of the radio.

T9CAP from back T9CAP from back with radio modules

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